Our Specialty

Career DI

Started by a Marine Captain turned Amazon recruiter, the Career DI brings real solutions and strategies to the transitioning Veteran. With an extensive and diverse background to pull from real life experiences, the Career DI has a no nonsense approach to achieving a successful career transition.

Food Handling Energized

As a Trainer Extraordinaire, I bring excitement to a mundane and often tiresome subject in the food handling industry. FHE provides ServSafe instruction to clients who are required to have or update their Food Handlers Manager Certificate in San Diego County.

Why hire a Consultant?

Consultants are often focused in a specialty and can bring objectivity, accountability, training and anonymity to your organization. VETS Consulting targets results driven outcomes for your company to improve efficiency and effectiveness for a given subject. Let us help you bridge the gap in diversity hiring, leadership training and team building!

VETS Consulting specializes in providing strategies to improve diversity hiring within your organization. The main focus centers around Veteran hiring programs and leveraging the power of resources you already employ. Leadership and team training can also be tailored to meet your needs.